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Talent Beach Music is playing an important role in the production, development and signing of new talent with the primary purpose of helping artists, songwriters and writer/producers to achieve their goals and ambitions in the music business.

Since its foundation in 2003, President, Gregory Elias and Vice President, Rodolfo Castillo have been leading this company in a very creative family type atmosphere. Today, aspiring artists, songwriter and producers have a new alternative when it comes to choosing a record company.

Talent Beach Music is a new, different and driven record and publishing company with more than twenty-five years of experience in the US/Latin and European markets. If you are an artist, songwriter, producer or independent company, who just completed your own project and strongly feel and believe that you may have a hit in your hands, then itís time for you and us to start looking for a potential deal. Itís very important for any new artist, songwriter/producer or independent companies to be on top of todayís contemporary styles of music and rhythms to create and deliver fresh and high quality projects to secure a better chance of success.

Welcome to our site. Feel free to browse, see our videos, listen to our artists or download a smash hit from our songwriters catalog.

Let Talent Beach put your music on the right track.


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