CARLOS OLIVA & Los Sobrinos del Juez

CARLOS OLIVA AND THE JUDGES NEPHEWS, are presenting us, with their new CD album "Y SEGUIMOS GUARACHANDO" with Hit songs like:  El Pescao, Con El Bolsillo Pelao, Take It Easy, among others. 


BARULLO is with no doubt the new sound of Flamenco. Their up tempo and soul-lifting music is just what we were waiting for.


Joche is a Colombian Artist whose record captivates us with influences of rock and hip-hop fused with his deep love of Latin American folk music. Pueblo Viejo, his first production, embodies what we describe as “Folclor Urbano”. Available on iTunes or your favorite CD record store


AnCa's first single "Soy De Vos" it's available on iTunes.

"Soy De Vos" the new sound of the Latin Rock from Colombia. His quality, performance, sound and originality it's making it's way to the top of the radio charts. 

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CARLOS OLIVA & Los Sobrinos del Juez

Listen to the man behind the band “Time Magazine” called…- “the original…the creator of the “Miami Sound”.


available  in iTunes NOW !



Alberto Barros "El titan de la salsa" continues to dominate the Latin America Salsa Tropical market with his New  CD/DVD "Tributo a la salsa Colombiana VOL 3".  Winner of a GOLD record for his recent sales in Mexico and Central America. This new CD/DVD it's already another SMASH HIT from this amazing Colombian Artist


CARLOS OLIVA & Los Sobrinos del Juez

Carlos Oliva and The Judge's Nephews, just released his new single "Con El Bolsillo Pelao" reminding us, with his humorous and ingenius lyrics, how to enjoy life during these diffucult times where money and high gas prices are leaving us all with empty pockets.



A talented young singer/songwriter from Medellin – Colombia, uses an addictive and refreshing combination of rock and folk music.


Zona 3

Get ready to listen to the best of the 60' and 70' at the beat and vocal performances of Zona 3. With hit songs like: "Te he prometido", "Como te extraño", "Mi guitarra", "Amor por ti", among many others.

  Alberto Barros, Again !! GOLD record in Mexico and Central America

Alberto Barros once more has reached GOLD RECORD sales in Mexico and Central Amercia with his new CD/DVD album "Tributo a la salsa Colombiana VOL3" as reported by SONY BMG.

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  New music !!!

The new music of Alberto Barros "Tributo a la salsa Colombiana" VOL 3 , Carlos Oliva, "Y Seguimos Guarachando", Joche "Once 11", soon available on iTunes and your favorite music store.


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