For decades, the music industry has been searching for a breakthrough, a new talent able to mix the style and beauty of Wagner and Mozart with the heart-stopping Afro-Latin rhythms. This long search has focused on creativity and virtuoso who are nonetheless appealing to the mainstream community. The world has been waiting and AnCa is definitely is an attempt… to all of these.

AnCa rises as a contradiction, defying all conceived notions of what is wrong and right as viewed from a music perspective and hitting us with a smashing, dry, simple in-your-face style. What comes as surprise is how incredibly addictive it becomes once listened to the first time.

Born in Medellin, Colombia; AnCa never in his life had a musical schooling, didn’t appear on reality shows, and when singing the national anthem at school he was asked to keep a low voice. The streak changed when in his teens he recovers a long lost guitar in his grandmother’s place which he soon taught himself how to play, and started writing his own songs which served as an emotion-sink.

He moves then to the multi-cultural city of Miami where his guitar is not only his companion but a partner in his quest to discover and learn of so many different cultures. It is during this experience that his songs become colored by all of the new influences he is in contact with over a semi-nostalgic tribute to his country’s folk musical styles. His lyrics reveal an intriguing story of love, deception, and insight into our legacy through a distinctive use of folk musical instruments and genera to create a Rock’n’Roll atmosphere of no previous reference in today’s culture, yet it catches your attention the second it comes on and stays inside playing over and over. It cannot be confined in only one genre as it uses so many elements from so many of them; still it is so catchy and energetic that it can only be described as his own style.

Every show becomes a drum explosion steady guitar riffs that evocate the best of classic rock and the zenith of the latin american ryhtms, reggae, cumbia, soul, tambora, rock and other rythms meet together to constitute his first album “Un Poco De Lo Mismo ”. AnCa & his support band Elcomboleta, are responsible for the recording and arrangements of his album under Producer Rodolfo Castillo, vicepresident of Talent Beach Music, and “Un Poco De Lo Mismo ” is set to be released, fall 2008.


ANCA is not a FUSION, is not POP, is not a new American idol, ANCA is simply a cool, addictive and refreshing new voice and artist songwriter who with his music and charisma take us to another perspective of where Latin, Rock and Colombia Folk music emerges today.
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