BARULLO, as its name says it, is a synonymous of celebration, rumba, tablao, guitars and palms. Antonio Cortes and Jose Santiago are BARULLO, two gypsy guys that with their music, full of Flamenco roots, gives soul and life to this amazing album.

BARULLO were member of the well known gypsy group “Banis”, in which they obtained many gold records, multiple nominations and recognition for their work on songs like “Tubarubai”, “Crossing laughed”, “Dile” and “Fruit of nature”.

BARULLO have been also participated in multiple recordings as composers, and musicians, their names have been also credited on CD productions of international artists like: Joaquin Sabina, Raul, Sorderita, (ex- of Ketama) Chico, Gipsy Kings, Parrita, Banis; and as an opening band for world name artists like Sting, Paul McCartney and an endless list of spanish artists.

BARULLO also worked with singer and songwriter Daniela Konate creating the success duet “Ipanema” with their hit song, “Frutos de la naturaleza”, achieving first place on the lists of popularity of all radio and TV charts in Spain.

Today, BARULLO is presenting us with their most recent CD album with smash hits like “Chambalaba”, “Donde Estabas Tu”, “La Canto”, (La Canto, also performed by Oscar De Leon, on its new Grammy nominated album “Fuzionando”).

We know that BARULLO will capture you with their talent, their songs and their music, full of pure Flamenco soul and Latin flavor that will make you go WOW!!!


BARULLO is the perfect blend of Flamenco with a Latin music twist.  Their songs are contagious and their rhythms seductive.  This is BARULLO the new sound and the new face of the Urban Flamenco.
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