Alberto Barros “El titan de la salsa”, a true tribute to the best of the Colombian salsa.



CARLOS OLIVA & Los Sobrinos del Juez

A solid and successful career, the magnetism of a super personality, a great sense of creativity and a television image known to national audiences, have all impressed millions of people, CARLOS OLIVA's place in the history of Latin Music in the United States is guaranteed by his position, without a doubt, as one of the founders of the musical movement developed by the fusion of rock, jazz, samba, son, guaracha and other Cuban rhythms, known today as the "Miami Sound". Time Magazine credits CARLOS OLIVA as the precursor of this popular musical sound.

Here they are, "The Judge's Nephews", name inspired in the famous phrase by Sammy Davis Jr.: "Here comes the Judge..."




BARULLO, as its name says it, is a synonymous of celebration, rumba, tablao, guitars and palms. Antonio Cortes and Jose Santiago are BARULLO, two Gypsy guys that with their music, full of Flamenco roots, gives soul and life to this amazing album.

BARULLO were member of the well known Gypsy group “Banis”, in which they obtained many gold records, multiple nominations and recognition for their work on songs like “Tubarubai”, “Crossing laughed”, “Dile” and “Fruit of nature”.




All these years the Latin music industry has waiting for a new sound a new face a new musical proposal, something fresh. The Latin music business has waited long enough for an artist who can combine the beautiful compositions of Wagner and Mozart with the Afro Latin rhythms of Salsa, Cumbia, folk music from Colombia and hand to hand with the music and sounds of Bob Marley.

All this time the music scene has been waiting to see and hear someone with the charisma, the spark and the flow of the Beatles but at the same time, modern, unique and simple.

The world has to wait no more, his name is AnCa.





Joche is a Colombian artist with influences that go from the Rock and the Hip - Hop to the deep thing of the Latin American Folklore.




Today, as Pedro Alfonso continues his recording and touring career with the top stars in Latin music, Talent Beach Records proudly presents to you his newest CD album "Strings to your heart", a must to have CD for your collection, full of original compositions and standards performed by this talented musician. Energetic and imaginative, Strings To Your Heart is a well crafted CD jazz that shows the sensitivity and soulful heart of this amazing violinist in hits songs like “La Comparsa”, “Here We Are”, “My Funny valentine”, among many others.  This CD features two icons of the Jazz scene, big name musicians playing along with Pedro Alfonso: Paquito D'Rivera and Al Di Meola.




Recording artists, BNW (FRANKIE BIGGZ & WAHERO MICHEAL BOZA), is one of the latin industries most powerful emerging Reggaeton duets.  (Biggz), born and raised in Detroit Michigan and (Wahero) in Pinar del Rio – Cuba.  Both, Frankie Biggz and Wahero, were brought up in spiritually diverse and creative families that included musicians on both sides.




It is 2005 and "LOS IMMORALES" (I$ki, Mena$a &Wilking) have finally emerged from their notorious spell with in the music underground scene.  It all started in 1999 when I$ki and Mena$a, two crazy deejays, recorded their first underground track.




The Caribbean native, MARUJA BOGAARD, born on the Dutch Caribbean Island of Curacao, was probably predestined to be an artist. Born to a musical father and a mother whose name was synonymous to dancer-actress-singer, it seemed only natural that she would follow such footsteps.





Rock music runs through TURLYNX's veins.  That much has been clear ever since, at the age of 3, she sang along to "Love Hurts" by Nazareth using her jump rope as a microphone.  Later on she got to know a wide range of rock music, and groups like Aerosmith, Van Halen, and Queen became her idols.  At the same time she gradually started to realize that she had one goal in life, and that was to walk in the footsteps of her musical heroes.




Tamara Tol (from the picturesque village of Volendam, close to Amsterdam) has been busy with music ever since she was a little girl.  Music plays a central role in her life and Tamara used to tune in on every music channel on TV.



Zona 3



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