It is 2005 and "LOS IMMORALES" (I$ki, Mena$a &Wilking) have finally emerged from their notorious spell with in the music underground scene.

It all started in 1999 when I$ki and Mena$a, two crazy deejays, recorded their first underground track. Inspired by this song, a few other friends (Immo Family) joined and formed a group. Later that year they released there first underground mix tape, which was spread throughout the island of Curacao and Holland.

In 2001 they continued collaborating and recorded a couple of underground tracks. After 2 years Mena$a decided to return back to Curacao, while In Holland I$ki started recording again. Both in Curacao and Holland they teamed up with new rappers, Wilking (Immorales member) and Don Plomaso (featured guest on "El Caballo" track) and formed the new IMMO-family a.k.a. the GangBang Family, which had twelve members, six in Curacao and the rest in Holland. Two home recording studios were set up, one in Curacao and one in Holland, both under the same name: GangBang Records. Their recordings got better and better which led them to release another underground mix tape with a lot of hot and very obscene tracks that stirred things up and immediately caught the media's attention al over Curacao and Holland. After this controversy, they ruled the underground music-scene and the name "Los Immorales" became famous and notorious at the same time.

In 2004 Los Immorales started performing throughout various nightclubs, lounges, parties, big events and even pre shows in the Caribbean for Reggaeton heavy hitter Tego Calderon. Later that year with the help of the IMMO-family, I$ki, Mena$a and Wilking started working on their most recent and 1st record release with in the US called Los Immorales "La Teoria 29-9", which includes their 1st promotional single "El Caballo" with featured guests; Don Plomaso (E. Martina) & Ori (R. Fans). "La Teoria 29-9" contains 14 hot tracks, which will surely take you to the Next Level of Reggaeton.

La Teoria 29/9 2005

14 amazing tracks that surely will take you to The Next level of reggaeton

Maruja, BNW
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