Recording artists, BNW (FRANKIE BIGGZ N WAHERO; MICHEAL BOZA), is one of the latin industries most powerful emerging ReggaEton dual.  Born and raised in Detroit Michigan ( Biggz ) and in Pinar del rio Cuba( Wahero ), Both Frankie Biggz and Wahero were brought up in spiritually diverse and creative families that included musicians on both sides.

Biggz coming from the Detroit scene was brought up on the R&B as a youth and soon after grade school began the studies of Jazz, Funk, and Hip-Hop.

Wahero hailing out of Pinar del rio Cuba, was a student of Music at the young age of 5, soon becoming a master guitar player and song writer very early in his teens.  Only 5 years in the United states, Wahero met Frankie Biggz at a recording studio in Miami Florida, and although neither of the two could communicate with each other due to the language barrier, one thing was for sure, the two spoke volumes on an equAl platform; Music.  In order to foster there own unique sound, Biggz commuted back and forth to Miami to begin the BNW musical journey and in the process found the rhythm of ReggaEton inspiring and thought provoking…


The Difference 2006

Frankie Biggz and Wahero . A bilingual Duo Making the difference bringing together Hip Hop and Reggaeton

Maruja, Los Immorales
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