Rock music runs through Turlynx's veins. That much has been clear ever since, at the age of 3, she sang along to "Love Hurts" by Nazareth using her jump rope as a microphone. Later on she got to know a wide range of rock music, and groups like Aerosmith, Van Halen, and Queen became her idols. At the same time she gradually started to realize that she had one goal in life, and that was to walk in the footsteps of her musical heroes. Starting in 1995, Turlynx participated in various international projects. Inspired by James Redfield, she provided vocals for Rojas, toured Europe with rock group The Touchdown, featured counter by New York rapper LD Sun, but also lounged in Homegrown, where she composes and sings as half of the producer duo Meggle/Turlynx. After different musical wanderings, the style was finally set when the producer duo Piet Souer and Bert Meulendijk, well-known in the Netherlands, invited Turlynx to work with them on the single titled "Hate". A rock song with a lot to say, with edgy lyrics that more than adequately capture the mood of the day. "Hate Makes people ugly, Makes people stupid, I just don't know how to tolerate, Hate, just makes people angry."

In the video for "Hate", filmed in New York, Turlynx's power is front and center. A real rock singer with her heart in the right place. Right now, she's putting a lot of energy into making her first album. Turlynx has the feeling that she is on the threshold of a great career that she can devote her boundless energy to. Her optimistic view of life together with her great talent, her huge sense of humor (John Cleese and Peter Sellers), and her fantastic voice will take her far.

Hate 2006

The fresh awakening new sound of rock.

Los Immorales, Maruja
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